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Undeterred By Retirement, Rift S Is Again The Fastest Growing Headset On Steam

Undeterred By Retirement, Rift S Is Again The Fastest Growing Headset On Steam

Facebook recently announced the retirement of Rift S, but that hasn’t stopped it being the fastest growing headset on Steam… again.

The Steam Hardware Survey for September shows it now used by 24.93% of SteamVR users.

In August Rift S retook the throne of most used SteamVR headset. During Facebook Connect in mid September, the company announced that Quest 2 replaces Rift S too.

Like the previous Quest, the new headset can optionally connect to a gaming PC via a USB cable. After launch, Quest 2 will get support for 90Hz refresh rate in PC VR mode. Facebook says Rift S will be fully withdrawn by Spring.

Sporting a 1440p LCD panel, five inside-out tracking cameras and including Oculus Touch controllers, Rift S is a solid headset that only operates in PC mode. As the SteamVR data reflects, there’s still no serious competition at its $399 price.

Valve’s more premium Index HMD is continuing its steady growth. It’s now the headset of choice for roughly 1 in 6 SteamVR users, despite asking $999 for the full kit. Valve continues to prove the demand for higher-end PC VR hardware is greater than some previously assumed.

Meanwhile, Windows MR headsets have dropped to a new low of just 6.75%. Samsung hasn’t followed up its Odyssey+, and its stock looks to have mostly depleted. HP’s highly anticipated Reverb G2 launches in November, so if it sells well Windows MR could see a revival into 2021.

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