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Half-Life: Alyx Wins VR Game Of The Year In 2020 Steam Awards

Half-Life: Alyx Wins VR Game Of The Year In 2020 Steam Awards

Valve announced winners of the fan-voted Steam Awards for 2020 today, including VR Game of the Year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Steam users voted for Half-Life: Alyx, one of the year’s biggest releases and Valve’s own title, as VR Game of the Year. Alyx came out back in March for SteamVR headsets and is regarded almost universally as one of the best VR games of 2020.

The Steam Awards take place annually and both the nominees and the winners are decided solely by the Steam community and its users. Users can cast votes for any game towards any of the pre-determined categories, except this year users could only nominate a game for one category each, not multiple. Half-Life: Alyx was one of five games that were nominated for best VR game. The other nominees that fell short were Phasmophobia, The Room VR: A Dark Mater, Thief Simulator VR and Star Wars: Squadrons.

The list also included several other non-VR categories, including a general Game of the Year category which was taken home by Red Dead Redemption 2 (which was technically eligible as it released on Steam for PC in December 2019, despite releasing on consoles in 2018).

Many of the VR games featured in this year’s Steam Awards were also featured in UploadVR’s VR Game of the Year category, which was also taken home by Half-Life: Alyx. Somewhat notably, the Steam Awards didn’t feature The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which was one of our favorite VR games from last year. We had it nominated on our Game of the Year list, alongside Alyx, Squadrons, The Room VR, Population: One and Until You Fall.

You can view the full Steam Awards list here and UploadVR’s list here.

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