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'Temple Of Darkness' Coming To Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge Next Month

'Temple Of Darkness' Coming To Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge Next Month

ILMxLAB revealed a new trailer for its upcoming Quest game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, which shows one of the titular tales called ‘Temple of Darkness’, set to release next month.

Temple of Darkness is described as an ‘interactive VR short’ that features Yoda and takes place during the High Republic era, which is hundreds of years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. A week ago, ILMxLAB also confirmed that Frank Oz, the original puppeteer and voice of Yoda, will be reprising his role in the game.

The game’s title may have suggested it already, but this new Temple of Darkness trailer seems to confirm that Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge won’t be one long continuous story, but several smaller interactive stories that might link into each other somehow.

Given that Temple of Darkness is set long before The Phantom Menace and we know that C-3PO and R2DR are also in the game, each tale will probably be set in a different era of the Star Wars universe. We know that it will be an episodic release, with the first part releasing next month on Quest.

Here’s a full description of Temple of Darkness, taken from the Oculus blog:

In Temple of Darkness, players will step into the shoes of Ady Sun’Zee (voiced by Ellie Araiza), a Jedi Padawan studying at a remote Jedi research facility on Batuu. The sole survivor after a mysterious relic unleashes a torrent of evil, she must work alongside Jedi Master Yoda to confront the darkness that now lurks within the temple walls—and within herself.

The game’s Oculus Store page also features some amazing new key art, which you can see below:

star wars tales from the galaxy's edge key art

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge releases November 19 for the Oculus Quest platform.

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