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Star Wars: Squadrons Gets Hefty Discount On SteamVR & PSVR

Star Wars: Squadrons Gets Hefty Discount On SteamVR & PSVR

Star Wars: Squadrons, one of VR's best space dogfighters, currently has a massive discount on Steam and PSVR.

Released in October 2020, Star Wars: Squadrons takes place after Return of the Jedi, swapping lightsabers for X-Wings and TIE Fighters as you pilot ships from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets and fight in 5v5 battles. Featuring a full campaign and online multiplayer with optional VR support while also supporting HOTAS controls, that's currently discounted by 95% on both Steam and PSVR, reducing it from $39.99 to $1.99

We praised EA Motive's space dogfighter in our Star Wars: Squadrons review, praising the immersion and wish fulfillment this offers Star Wars fans while criticizing multiplayer.

While I would say that Star Wars: Squadrons has exceeded my already lofty expectations overall, it’s not without its faults. It still manages to out-perform every other VR space combat game I’ve tried across the board for my tastes and offers a ton of nuance in its gameplay and immense entertainment with its full campaign … Minor gripes aside, for fans of Star Wars, fans of arcade-style space combat, and fans of just flat-out immersive VR, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than Star Wars: Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons is discounted on Steam until February 20, while the PSVR sale ends on February 14. It's also included with an EA Play subscription.

Star Wars: Squadrons VR Review - The Galaxy’s Finest Space Combat
Star Wars: Squadrons is finally here and it absolutely delivers. From the incredible set piece moments, excellent new characters, and fantastic VR space combat, this is an adrenaline-fueled blast in the galaxy far, far away that you won’t want to miss. Here’s our Star Wars: Squadrons VR review

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