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Watch Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Reveal During EA Play Today

Watch Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Reveal During EA Play Today

EA will reveal gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons today, its upcoming 5v5 space fighter that will feature full VR support, during its EA Play stream. The stream starts at 4PM PT, you can watch here once it starts or over on EA’s Twitch.

We’re excited to learn more about Star Wars: Squadrons which is out on October 2nd this year and confirmed to be fully playable in VR on PC and PSVR with HOTAS and cross-play support. That’s a lot to take in but there’s also a lot more to learn. The game is also listed by EA as “PSVR or Oculus recommended” despite Steam listing Index, Vive, and Rift support for the game. In other words, we don’t know exactly why that recommendation is being made by EA. We’ve reached out to ask and hope to learn a lot more in the stream today.

This is a stretch to bring up since there’s zero information at this point, but is it possible Facebook paid for a port to Oculus Quest, or will at some point in the future? And even if Facebook does end up coughing up that money, how likely is it that a Quest version would be set to launch in 2020 and not long after initial release? Porting content to Quest is a monumental undertaking and some titles have to make sacrifices that could strip out some of what makes a VR game work well on a high-powered PC system.

So while we’d love to see a space shooter like Star Wars: Squadrons on the standalone Quest headset (and the game is likely to work on Quest via PC over Oculus Link already), it is also a very tall order.

The stream kicks off at 4 pm Pacific time today on and is expected to be shown on the company’s Twitch as well with a full showcase of all upcoming EA games — most of which are non-VR.

We don’t know exactly when Star Wars: Squadrons will appear in the showcase, or if they will actually show any VR footage, but gameplay of some kind is confirmed to be happening for sure and we’ll have all the latest details here on

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