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15% Of Star Wars: Squadrons Owners Played In VR

15% Of Star Wars: Squadrons Owners Played In VR

Today EA released an infographic on Twitter that revealed 15% of all Star Wars: Squadrons players played the game in VR. That’s actually quite a lot considering the game is available across PS4, PC, and Xbox One and is fully playable in VR and non-VR.

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After playing and reviewing Star Wars: Squadrons (I loved it by the way) I can say with confidence that playing in VR with a HOTAS is definitely the best and most immersive way to enjoy the game. The implied stat here, if you read between the numbers, is that 85% of players haven’t gotten the full experience.

It’s also worth noting that when they ran the numbers to get this data, the total player count includes Xbox One users who don’t even have a VR option on their console. That means, of the total potential VR userbase, more than 15%  have played in VR. For a game that’s only a week old, it’s a good number.

We should also consider that most HOTAS setups are sold out, lots of headsets are backordered, and it’s a busy time of year so a lot of people may be holding off on buying the game until they can get all the gear they need to experience it fully. Or, maybe some people have opted to get a VR headset and it hasn’t arrived yet after playing the game in non-VR mode.

All of this is speculation, but I think it’s safe to assume that over time more people will experience it in VR which is an exciting prospect. The full infographic has lots of interesting details on it, such as the fact that the X-Wing and TIE Interceptor (not Fighter) are the two most popular ships and nearly 600 million starfighters have already been destroyed in the first week.

Here is the full infographic from Twitter:

Sounds like the game is doing well, then. Notably, EA told us they are not planning to release any new modes, new ships, or DLC of any kind and don’t have plans for a Quest port at this time. Additionally, there is no VR motion controller support and you can read our list of other similar space combat games to try in VR here.

Have you tried Star Wars: Squadrons in VR yet? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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