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Swing Around Like Spider-Man On Quest In A Free WebVR App

Swing Around Like Spider-Man On Quest In A Free WebVR App

A new WebVR experience developed by u/_talkol_ on Reddit allows users to swing around buildings using web-shooters, just like Spider-Man. The experience is open source and runs through WebVR. It therefore works with any WebVR-supported headsets, notably including the Oculus Quest, and is available for free.

To try out the experience, you just need to open the Oculus Browser on your Quest (or the browser on any other VR headset that supports WebVR experiences) and navigate to in the browser.

The page will load a welcome screen explaining the controls. When you’re ready, you can press the VR button in the bottom right to launch the experience in full-screen VR. Various Spider-Man soundtracks and songs will play in the background as you swing around the buildings. You can use your triggers to shoot webs, the grip buttons to make sharper turns and, for more advanced users, the thumbsticks will be used to control how tight the webs are, affecting your velocity. You can view some footage of the app below, however we experienced audio issues while recording, so none of the sound effects or music are audible in the video.

It takes a while to get used to, and while there’s not a whole lot to do in the city, it is nonetheless incredibly exhilarating to swing around like Spider-Man. Once you get a hand of the mechanics, you can start to pull off some really good stunts that you’ve seen in Spider-Man movies before. There are some crystals placed in select locations around the map, which you can try and fly through to collect, but apart from that you’ll just be swinging around the city in whichever direction you please.

It should also be noted that this is an unofficial Spider-Man experience, not developed in conjunction with, or with permission of, Marvel. It does feature Spider-Man imagery and sounds, but the developer stated on Reddit that they “hope Marvel will regard it as fan stuff, it’s open source, non-profit and even [has] no ads.”

If you’re looking for something more official, there’s the similar and slightly more high-tech Spider-Man: Far From Home VR movie tie-in from a few months ago, on PC VR and PSVR. Despite some comments stating that they were considering a Quest port, that has eventuated just yet.

Have you tried out this fan-made Spider-Man experience on the Quest? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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