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Spaceteam VR Launches On Oculus Quest And PC VR May 21

Spaceteam VR Launches On Oculus Quest And PC VR May 21

Spaceteam VR launches its “cooperative shouting game” on Oculus Quest and PC VR on May 21.

A PlayStation VR version of the game is planned for later this year.

The multiplayer party game adapted from the popular phone and tablet title allows up to six players to work together on ” increasingly complex and baffling technobabble filled instructions to keep their ship hurtling through space.”

We last went hands-on with the game at PAX East and had the following impressions:

Spaceteam VR features three different difficulties, with the harder difficulties giving players many more controls to be responsible for while amping up just how tough the anomalies that occur are. In easier modes, you might only be responsible for a handful of duties, but tuning things to the hardest difficulty will require you to be on your ‘A’ game. According to Cooperative Innovations, some of the tougher anomalies will include player’s heads shrinking, instructions being presented backwards or with missing letters, and in-game voices on players becoming high pitched and hard to decipher.

Elsewhere in the game, controls are pretty standard for VR titles. You’ll have levers to reach out and grab, buttons to push, and items to grab on the fly as you try to complete your specific instructions. Putting out fires, taking down aliens that try to invade the ship,and having to hammer out mistakes are just some of the many other trials you’ll face while attempting to stay alive. The longer you go, the tougher the challenges you face become, until you eventually find yourself frantically yelling at a teammate to repeat orders as a fire rages on in front of you.

Developer Cooperative Innovations licensed the title from Henry Smith of Sleeping Beast Games. You can play online or locally with mobile devices mixed in with headsets.

You can wishlist it now on Steam and check out the latest trailer:

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