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Spaceteam VR Brings Frantic Co-Op Party Play To Quest + More In 2020

Spaceteam VR Brings Frantic Co-Op Party Play To Quest + More In 2020

Start warming up your shouty voice; Spaceteam VR is on its way to Quest and other headsets in early 2020.

As we confirmed during yesterday’s Holiday VR Showcase, Cooperative Innovations adaptation of the smartphone classic will arrive in Q1 of next year. Quest is a lock for release, but expect to see it on other platforms too. You can see new footage of the game below, which shows a heck of a lot of improvements to the game since we revealed it at our E3 VR Showcase earlier in the year.

In Spaceteam, you have to fix your ship. The problem is that only your friends have your instructions, and you have to shout over the top of each other to be heard. The further you travel into the depths of space, the harder things become. It’s not long before you’re screaming over the top of each other in a desperate struggle to be heard. Maybe not a great game for your neighbors, then.

The VR version of the game adds in lots of unique interactions like defending yourself with a raygun or hammering your console to fix it. Plus, you’ll be able to customize avatars to appear as ridiculous as you see fit, and then meet up with your friends as a group of intrepid (and stupid-looking) explorers.

Elsewhere, Cooperative Innovations is still working on Raiders of Erda and is also releasing tools for VR developers too.

Will you be screaming at your friends when Spaceteam VR arrives next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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