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Space Junkies Free Update Adds New Game Mode And Two New Maps

Space Junkies Free Update Adds New Game Mode And Two New Maps

Today Ubisoft released the second free post-launch update for Space Junkies which includes a brand new game mode called Instablast and two new maps in Final Destination an Gunner Station.

The new mode, Instablast, is a lot like the Golden Gun mode from N64’s Goldeneye in that everyone has the exact same gun that can kill opponents in a single shot, which also means everyone can be killed the same way too making each shot extremely deadly. Usually Space Junkies has a relatively long time-to-kill so this mode would be a big change.

This update comes on the heels of two highly requested features being added to the game: PS Move support and smooth turning. Players can also use the 3DRudder foot controller in “Early Access” on PSVR or PC as well that lets players move their characters by leaning their feet.

Reportedly Ubisoft will continue to add new game modes, characters, maps, and more throughout “Season 1” as the game continues to evolve and mature. Each episode contains four episodes and will last for 16 weeks. This marks episode two of the first season.

In our review we described Space Junkies as similar to Unreal Tournament with its fast-paced gunplay and heavy focus on rapid movement and full 6DOF control throughout space using a jetpack. It’s certainly one of the more intense VR games from a movement perspective and needing to constantly have your head on a swivel to look out for enemies ramps up the intensity.

Are you playing Space Junkies? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!


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