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Space Explorers Episode One Streaming For Free Until May 10 On Quest And Rift

Space Explorers Episode One Streaming For Free Until May 10 On Quest And Rift

The first episode of the immersive VR series Space Explorers will be available for free in Oculus TV and Oculus Venues until May 10 to celebrate National Space Day.

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience is available as a Quest and Rift app spread across four episodes, the first two of which are available now. However, to celebrate National Space Day on May 7, the first episode, Adapt, will be available to stream for free  until May 10.

It is now available on a 24-hour loop in Oculus Venues or on demand in Oculus TV until Monday. If you watch episode one and want more, you can download the Space Explorers app and purchase episode two. Episodes three and four aren’t available just yet, but are scheduled to release Fall 2021 and Winter 2021 respectively.

Here’s a synopsis of the first episode:

Episode One, “Adapt” documents the arrival of a new crew of astronauts aboard the International Space Station as they discover the joy, wonder and danger of living in space. Years of training come into play as the crew overcomes disorientation from microgravity, responds to potentially catastrophic emergencies, and learns to operate as a close-knit team. The extreme nature of this unique shared experience brings them to form family-like bonds. 

Space Explorers is a Felix & Paul Studios and Time Studios production, and was filmed entirely in space using Felix & Paul Studios’ specialized 3D, 360-degree space camera. It is the largest production ever filmed in space.

The first episode goes for approximately 24 minutes and is available now on loop in Oculus Venues and on demand on Oculus TV for Quest and Rift.

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