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Space Dragon Lunar Festival Update Adds MR Support On Quest

Space Dragon Lunar Festival Update Adds MR Support On Quest

Space Dragon, a bullet hell VR shooter, celebrates the Year of the Dragon with mixed reality support on Quest.

Originally released in 2017, Space Dragon sees your hands transform into dragons as you control a pair of hatchlings across the galaxy, destroying suns, fighting bosses and heading to new systems through wormholes. On Quest App Lab, it's now received the 'Year of the Dragon - Lunar Festival' update and that includes mixed reality passthrough support. You can see that below:

While MR support will remain Quest exclusive, developer 3lb Games confirms the rest of the Lunar Festival update's content will reach other platforms "in the near future." That includes wormhole updates, three dragon skin customizations, one of which is awarded for completing the campaign, and more.

As for future plans, 3lb Games confirms Space Dragon will receive a second Year of the Dragon update "later this year" titled Galactic Assault. Though further specifics are currently unknown, the studio confirms this will add a new mixed reality gameplay mode.

Space Dragon is available now on the Meta Quest platform, Pico and Steam.

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