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Space Ball Mixes Gorilla Tag With Echo VR On Quest & Steam

Space Ball featured image

Promising a mix of Gorilla Tag and Echo VR, Space Ball brings a competitive "all-sports" multiplayer game to Steam in the coming weeks.

Developed by 31 Lab, Space Ball offers Football, Basketball and Handball modes within futuristic arenas. Instead of teleportation or stick-based continuous artificial locomotion, Space Ball uses your hands to jump across arenas, slamming them on the ground to accelerate. It supports online team-based matches for up to six players, offering 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 sessions across private and public matches.


Detailed further in a press release, Space Ball also supports voice chat, character customization options and a calorie counter for fitness tracking.

Space Ball arrives in Steam Early Access on July 13 for free, and it's available now on the Meta Quest platform in App Lab.

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