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Soundscape Is A UE5-Powered 'Musical Metaverse' On PC VR

Soundscape screenshot

Soundscape, described as a "musical metaverse experience," reaches PC VR next week.

Developed by Groove Science Studios, Soundscape‘s attempt at a musical metaverse follows Soundscape VR: 2017. Built using Unreal Engine 5 with its dynamic global illumination and reflections system, Lumen, Soundscape promises exclusive artist performances from Deadmau5, Evanescence, Slash, and more.

In a press release, the studio states its intention is to simulate "an interactive audiovisual environment akin to a music festival." Featuring multiple virtual worlds, custom avatars and more, you can also listen to your own music streaming service which is integrated with an audio-reactive AI engine. Soundscape also comes with an "experimental psychedelic soundshooter" called Soundtag.

“We at Soundscape have a vision for the metaverse, one that amplifies human creativity and art through massively powerful immersive technology,” said Eric Alexander, Soundscape CEO and Founder. “The metaverse offers chances to create entirely new experiences – new artistic mediums – that defy what anyone has seen previously.”

Soundscape arrives exclusively on Steam with VR support for $39.99 on January 23.

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