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Song In The Smoke Survival Adventure Coming To PSVR And Quest This Year

Song In The Smoke Survival Adventure Coming To PSVR And Quest This Year

Newly announced survival adventure game Song in the Smoke will see you trying to fend off beasts with a bow and club as you try to survive the night.

The new game from 17-BIT was just announced with a PlayStation VR trailer — it should launch this Spring — and the developers are planning to release on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift this year as well.

The game promises equal parts survival and mystery across eight stages ranging from forests to valleys to cold mountainous peaks with the goal of staying alive with whatever you can get your hands on. In the trailer you can see some of the hunting, foraging, and crafting mechanics you’ll use to explore the areas of the world — you’ll have to “identify threats with sound, sight, and smell,” according to the developers. There’s promise of stalking prey from the cover of tall grass — a mechanic that’s well-worn in traditional games but we’ve yet to see explored really well in VR.

17-BIT previously made Skulls of the Shogun and GALAK-Z and the title includes art by Katsuya Terada, who worked on The Legend of Zelda, Blood: The Last Vampire, and The Monkey King.

“At 17-BIT we love to create fresh takes on existing genres, from our lighthearted turn-based strategy game Skulls of the Shogun, to the modernized space shooter GALAK-Z. With Song in the Smoke, we dove even deeper into unknown territory: a VR survival adventure, with all new rules, in a completely new medium,” said 17-BIT founder and creative lead Jake Kazdal in a prepared statement. “Song in the Smoke is unlike anything we’ve done before, and it’s our most ambitious title yet. The experience is so completely immersive and engaging, the forest is alive all around you in the extra dimension provided by VR. We’re thrilled to be offering an intense adventure that couldn’t be captured in any other way.”

Here’s some screenshots from the upcoming game:


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