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Solaris Offworld Combat Available On PSVR Today, 50% Off For PS Plus Members

Solaris Offworld Combat is available from today on PlayStation VR for PS5 and Ps4 consoles, with a 50% discount over the next two weeks for PlayStation Plus members.

Solaris released on Quest and PC VR late last year, and the PSVR release was meant to arrive around the same time. However, delays saw it pushed into 2021 and then into May, with a separate physical release planned for June. From today, the game is finally out for PSVR players on PS4 and PS5. The big bonus is that the game will be discounted for the next two weeks for anyone that is subscribed to PlayStation Plus, available at 50% off. No doubt this is a shot and getting lots of players into the game at launch.

Given Solaris is an online-based competitive VR shooter, a PS Plus subscription is pretty much a requirement to play the game. Because of that, most people who are interested probably already have a subscription and will benefit from the discount automatically. That being said, if you’re not a PS Plus member and you’re definitely going to pick up Solaris, subscribing to PS Plus before purchasing the game will probably save you some money.

As you would hope from a shooter on the PSVR platform, Solaris also supports using the Aim controller for those that own it, otherwise the DualShock 4 is also an option.

When the game released for Rift and Quest back in September, we deemed it ‘sci-fi Quake for the VR age’ and thought it was a great experience overall, despite some minor nitpicks. You can read the full review here.

Solaris Offworld Combat is available on PSVR now, alongside PC VR and Oculus Quest.

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