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Sniper Elite VR Update Adds Custom Difficultly, Quality Of Life Options

Sniper Elite VR Update Adds Custom Difficultly, Quality Of Life Options

A new update is available for Sniper Elite VR on all platforms, adding custom difficulty options and many quality of life improvements based off feedback from the community.

Sniper Elite VR released two months ago for PC VR, Quest and PSVR and while this latest patch doesn’t bring any specific new content, it does offer a bunch of new options across the board on all platforms.

The biggest new option is the custom difficulty feature, which developers Rebellion say is “just like Sniper Elite 4” in a video detailing the changes. This option will allow you to adjust the overall difficulty and then go further and adjust the aim assist, bullet drop and bullet wind options individually. Playing on a custom difficulty setting will give you more play options, but it also will prevent you from earning leaderboard ranks online, so keep that in mind.

custom difficulty sniper elite

There’s also new vignette options, allowing the effect to be completely or individually turned off for sprinting, kill cams and explosions. You can also now physically crouch to activate stealth mode, in addition to the existing button press option. There’s new settings to help with adjusting tracking and aim smoothing as well, along with other small options for things like vibration, movement and weapon alignment.

PC VR players now have access to extra graphics options added specifically for the platform, allowing players to adjust settings such as FXAA, MSAA, SSAA and lens flare. Rebellion warns these options are intended for higher-end PCs only and adjusting them will have an impact on FPS.

Rebellion also added support for the bHaptics Tacsuit on PC VR in this update, as well as support for gunstocks by ProTubeVR.

You can read the full patch notes here.

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