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Snapshot VR Is A High-Speed Paintball-Style Shooter, Coming This August To PC VR

Snapshot VR Is A High-Speed Paintball-Style Shooter, Coming This August To PC VR

Snapshot VR is an upcoming paintball-style arena shooter with a focus on team tactics and high-speed action, coming this August to PC VR from Giant Scam Industries. It even features official NXL professional paintball maps!

Watch the announcement trailer, including gameplay footage, right here:

If you’re a fan of Rec Room paintball, like the look of Solaris: Offworld Combat, and wish there was something designed around being extremely fast-paced with next to zero room for error, then Snapshot VR could be for you. From the moment a match begins you need to scramble to key firing lanes to hold down positions and use call outs to communicate with your team and adapt.

According to the press release, matches usually don’t even last a full minute so hopefully loading wait times are extremely low or non-existent. You get shot once, you’re out. No respawns, no armor pick ups, no killstreaks — either kill the other team or hit their buzzer to win.


Snapshot VR features 5v5 matches that require “snapshot” accuracy. This is a paintball term that refers to the ability to quickly rotate, aim, and fire from behind cover. Leaning into this connection even more, Snapshot VR will feature actual official National Xball League (NXL) maps and allows players to create their own custom maps using 2D Paintball’s Field Creator that can be exported into Snapshot VR.

The developers at Giant Scam Industries are also focused on providing lots of stats and analytics, including heat maps for post-match analysis on specific arenas to formulate better strategies.

You’ll also be able to pick from three different locomotion methods, but we don’t know what those are exactly yet. Judging from the trailer, full smooth locomotion seems like a given. You’ll also be able to pick from lots of customization options, which is oddly lacking from most VR shooters.

Snapshot VR is slated to hit PC VR headsets on Steam Early Access and Viveport this August. Specifically, developers plan to support Rift, Rift S, Vive, Vive Pro, Cosmos, Cosmos Elite, Windows MR, and Index from the start.

Oculus Quest with Link Cable should work as well through Steam, but there’s no word on an official Quest version or PSVR version at this time.

SnapshotVR-Gameplay-thirpersonview (22)


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