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Smash Drums! Is Coming To App Lab On June 17

Smash Drums! Is Coming To App Lab On June 17

The VR rhythm game Smash Drums! is releasing for Quest via App Lab next month.

The game is the latest in a string of many rhythm games to hit Quest, but this one is more percussion than most. It’s like a cross between Beat Saber and Guitar Hero, but for a full drum kit – you’ll be swinging your Touch controllers down onto drum beats as they move towards you.

There’s an environmental element to it as well – as you progress through the song and hit the right beats, the environment around you will be destroyed piece by piece and slowly collapse away.

A new mixed reality trailer was released to celebrate the App Lab release date announcement, embedded above.

Smash Drums started out as just a simple demo available on SideQuest with just one song and two difficulties. It was then one of the first games to release on App Lab, marketing itself as a free demo ahead of the full release later this year.

When it drops on June 17, the full release will feature 21 indie rock songs to choose from and there are supposedly plans for even more content after that. The app will cost $19.99.

Smash Drums! launches June 17 for Oculus Quest via App Lab. You can install the free demo here.

If you’re looking for more info on how to install App Lab apps onto your Oculus Quest, we’ve got you covered – check our guide on the installation process.

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