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Sky Strikers Mixes Rocket League And Gorilla Tag On Quest 2 & PC VR

Sky Strikers Mixes Rocket League And Gorilla Tag On Quest 2 & PC VR

Sky Strikers VR mixes Gorilla Tag and Rocket League into a new VR experience, and it’s out now on Quest 2 and Steam.

A free-to-play team-based multiplayer game that supports 6 players, Sky Strikers comes from developer Chamber 8 Studio, who claims they created the game “in just 10 weeks with a team of only 6 people.” While last year’s Ultimechs had a similar premise, Sky Strikers uses a movement system similar to Gorilla Tag, letting you freely explore the pitch and climb across different platforms while swinging baseball bats at the ball.

Released in early access, the current build includes three casual game modes and one arena, which includes “equal or non-equal matches, and a lobby-based social experience.” There isn’t a ranked mode yet but in the early access FAQ, Chamber 8 states its looking to provide “wild modes” and “intense competition” at full release, alongside new arenas. As confirmed by an official Discord server moderator, it also supports cross-platform multiplayer between PC VR and Quest. You can find the official description below:

Sky Strikers combines the thrill of sports games with the immersive experience of virtual reality. Watch the ball soar through the sky, anticipate its trajectory, and make your move. With a powerful boost from your rocket, you’ll soar into the air and make your strike. Get ready to experience the ultimate “moment” in Sky Strikers.

Sky Strikers VR is available now on PC VR via Steam and on Meta Quest via SideQuest. On the Steam page, Chamber 8 confirms the game will remain in early access “for a few months” but pricing won’t change at full release.

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