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3D Content Platform Sketchfab Passes 3 Million Members

3D Content Platform Sketchfab Passes 3 Million Members

Sketchfab’s platform surpassed 3 million members last week.

The platform allows creators to host 3D content and make it available for sale and download to others. Sketchfab’s online library features 3D content and models created on a variety of different platforms, including content that was created with immersive VR creation tools such as Tilt Brush, Oculus Quill and others.

The platform was founded almost eight years ago, “on the idea that both the creation and consumption of 3D content will become an ever-increasing part of our digital lives.” The company said that reaching 3,000,000 users was “a huge validation of this assumption.” Sketchfab reached 2 million users in November 2018.

According to the company, the Sketchfab team consists of 30 people. The team detailed some of the most popular uses of the Sketchfab store and platform in their announcement blog post, which you can read about here.

Sketchfab said that back in November 2018 the platform also reached 1 billion views of its 3D models. Now, they say their library includes 300,000 models available entirely for free, in addition to the paid models also available. You can apply to sell your 3D models on the site here.

While Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill are perhaps two of the most well-known VR tools for 3D model creation, we also recently tried the revamped MasterpieceVR Studio Suite. The Suite not only includes Masterpiece Creator, allowing you to create exportable 3D models, but also Masterpiece Motion, which allows you to import and animate 3D models.

Sketchfab is free to join, with a library of free and paid 3D content available for download.

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