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SideQuest Team Up With Dash League, Logitech For Hyper Dash Esports Tournament

SideQuest Team Up With Dash League, Logitech For Hyper Dash Esports Tournament

A new Hyper Dash esports tournament is set to be broadcast this weekend, in partnership with SideQuest, Dash League and Logitech.

Hyper Dash is a competitive team shooter that started out with an alpha demo on SideQuest last year before releasing on the official Oculus Store a few months ago.

Dash League runs competitive 5v5 tournaments for the game in a league format and it’s teamed up with SideQuest and Logitech for this weekend’s tournament matches as part of the Side Dash Tournament. All the matches will be broadcast online and it kicks off at 12pm PDT on May 22.

Tournament registration was previously open to existing Dash League members but all spots have now been filled. Those who registered, of which there are currently 70, are placed into five-person teams to compete with throughout the tournament. You can see a list of all the currently registered players here.

hyper dash esports tournament side dash

While Dash League is running the tournament organization, it’s also being run in partnership with SideQuest and Logitech.

“SideQuest are excited about the potential of Esports in VR and how we can take the action of traditional sports married with the convenience of Esports and create really fun and engaging events in VR,” said SideQuest COO and Co-Found Orla Harris in a prepared statement. “We welcome spectators to Side Dash. We are gathering feedback on  the tournament from both participants and spectators with the hope of creating further Esports possibilities for the SideQuest community.”

Logitech’s support is coming in the form of prizing and the use of its tournament management platform, Challonge. First place in the tournament receives $400 ($80/player), second gets $250 ($50/player) and third place $150 ($30/player).

The Side Dash Tournament begins at 12pm PDT / 8pm BST on May 22 and will be available to watch at

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