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Following Investment, SideQuest Announces Developer Promotion Program & More

Following Investment, SideQuest Announces Developer Promotion Program & More

After taking $650k in early investment last week, SideQuest detailed its plans for growth and its developer promotion program in a new Reddit post.

Just two people, Shane Harris and Orla Harris, have made up the entire SideQuest team so far, but that’s about to change. Shane and Orla have “hand picked some of the top talent from [the SideQuest] community” to join them, in order to meet the next phase of the platform’s expansion plans, which focuses on helping Quest developers.

SideQuest also announced a new promotion platform, now out of beta, which allows developers with content on SideQuest to promote that content within the sideloading app itself, using elements like featured banners or promoted app listings. You can find more info here.

There will also be a new developer-focused SideQuest Discord server, launching soon, so as not to interfere with the main server. You can sign up for more info via the developer mailing list. The main SideQuest server will also receive a layout update in the near future.

Plus, to celebrate all the good news and updates, SideQuest is giving away a Quest 2! The competition will run for one week on the SideQuest Discord, and the headset will be sent out after SideQuest receive their pre-order sometime after October 13. We’re also currently running a Quest 2 giveaway as well in partnership with UNIVRS, developers of Little Witch Academia VR.

All of these plans continue to push SideQuest forward as a platform that offers distinct features and services that are not available on the Oculus Store. Last week’s investment from BoostVC, The Fund, and Palmer Luckey will help SideQuest pivot towards more developer-focused features, such as offering a testing service for their experiences.

If you’re new to sideloading and want to know how it works, check out our how to guide for using SideQuest on Oculus Quest.

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