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Panzer Dragoon VR Debuts Nostalgic Retrospective Trailer

Panzer Dragoon VR Debuts Nostalgic Retrospective Trailer

We’re proud to reveal to the world for the first time ever, the teaser trailer for Panzer Dragoon VR, coming in 2021 to all major VR headsets. The nostalgic retrospective trailer debuted today during the pre-show of the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition 2020.

The fact that a Panzer Dragoon game is in development strictly for VR headsets was revealed a few months ago back in March, but Sega has been completely silent about the project ever since. Today, we’re finally able to see a tiny shred more about the upcoming game.

The full title for the VR entry is Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record — notice how those last two words are ‘VR’ when made into an acronym? Pretty clever.

As the name partially implies and the press release from March hinted, it does appear this game will serve as a sort of “greatest hits” of missions from the first three games (Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Panzer Dragoon Saga) all re-imagined for VR.

We still don’t really know very much about the game, but in the teaser trailer we get a flew glimpses of concept art, some 3D renders, and plenty of footage from the original games. If I had to guess, instead of being a third-person perspective, Panzer Dragoon VR will let players experience the game in first-person from the perspective of the rider.

From a gameplay angle, there is a VR game already that captures a very similar style named Dexed from Hellblade developer Ninja Theory.

We should learn more about the game in the coming months as it gears up for a 2021 release on PC VR, console VR, and standalone VR headsets. A crowdfunding campaign is planned for this year as well, to incorporate more content. You can follow the official Twitter account to stay in the loop.

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