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The Twilight Zone VR: Watch The Incredible New MR Trailer

The Twilight Zone VR: Watch The Incredible New MR Trailer

A new mixed reality trailer debuted for The Twilight Zone VR at our Upload VR Showcase today, giving the best look at the game yet.

As we previously reported, The Twilight Zone VR will launch with three different tales (or ‘episodes’), each essentially a mini story, that span different genres and are handled by different writers, much like a serialized TV show.

New Twilight Zone VR Trailer Revealed


In this latest mixed reality trailer, we get a proper look at each of the three launch episodes. There’s one set in a suburban house, then revealed to be actually floating in some kind of digital, cyber-city criminal space. The second looks like it’s in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with some horrifying creatures, while the third looks like it could be in an office or some other kind of building.

While we’re expecting puzzles and some mind-bending visuals, it also looks like you’ll be using a pistol in some or all of the episodes to fend off supernatural (or otherwise) creatures as well.

We currently only know about the three episodes set to debut at launch, but the format would lend itself perfectly to additional updates or DLC episodes down the line — fingers crossed.

The Twilight Zone VR is set to launch on July 14 for Quest 2, with a PSVR version set to arrive at a later date. We’re hoping for a PC VR and PSVR 2 release as well, but no word on that just yet.

Will you be entering The Twilight Zone on Quest come July? Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments below.

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