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Procedural Co-Op Shooter From Other Suns Gets Free Open Beta This Weekend

Procedural Co-Op Shooter From Other Suns Gets Free Open Beta This Weekend

Update: The From Other Suns free Open Beta weekend is now live starting today, September 29th and will last until October 1st. You can download the game here and read our thoughts on it from GDC right here.

Original Story: In the first year of VR’s life when I went to a game convention there was a short list of VR experiences I could almost always guarantee we would play. Sports games were obvious choices, as were the wave shooters, and cockpit simulators. In the middle to fill in the rest of the content gaps were an assortment of other random games as a mixed bag of potential. When GDC 2017 rolled around at the start of this year though we started to see the next wave of VR games and what it could look like. From Other Suns stood above the rest as an exciting, fresh, and wholly new type of VR co-op shooter.

Mixing elements of franchises like Star Trek, FTL, and Borderlands, From Other Suns is a procedurally generated cooperative multiplayer shooter that has you flying a ship all around the galaxy as you dock and loot other ships and planets, all with intense fast-paced shooter action and tons of loot. It’s like the Away Team version of Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

News came in today that the title will be hosting a totally free Open Beta weekend from September 29 until October 1st and we can’t wait to dive in for more.

As of right now it’s unclear if the content in that beta will be different from what we saw at GDC already earlier this year or if it will be the same demo. Fingers crossed for some new content.

Make sure to also read our detailed hands-on impressions here to get a good idea for what the game’s like and let us know what you think of it so far down in the comments below!

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