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Shock Troops Coming To Quest 2 Next Week

Shock Troops Coming To Quest 2 Next Week

Inspired by classics like Doom and Quake, Shock Troops is coming to Quest 2, available next week.

Announced last September, Shook Troops is the new game from developer Garage Collective and a spiritual successor to its 2018 title Theta Legion. It’s a fast-paced shooter that mixes 3D environments with 2D sprites, taking the frantic gameplay of classic shooters and bringing it into the modern immersive medium of VR.

We spoke to Garage Collective about Shook Troopers last year, alongside 10 minutes of gameplay footage. Of particular note was how the studio’s previous releases – Theta Legion and Stones of Harlath – informed a lot of the development process for Shock Troopers. Here’s some excerpts from artist and designer Cyril Guichard:

“Shock Troops is thematically connected to Theta Legion – the Lore is the same, the logos are very similar – they both exist in the same universe, and deal with similar threats – but it’s also a brand new game, with new art, new gameplay, a lot more story, a lot of additions and improvements on the previous formula, and we wanted the name to reflect that to the players.

“We realized that the outdoors portions of Theta Legion, or the more “open” approach of the island of Harlath, were very popular with our players. We will be designing the sequence of indoors VS outdoors spaces in Shock Troops to reflect this.” 

You can read more in our article from last September here. We also debuted a new launch trailer for Shock Troops last month, embedded above, as part of our Upload VR Showcase.

Shock Troops is available to wishlist now on Quest 2.

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