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Chomp Down On Sharks Of Mars: Prologue, Available Now For Rift, Steam Soon

Chomp Down On Sharks Of Mars: Prologue, Available Now For Rift, Steam Soon

Yes, you read the headline right — there’s a new PC VR game called Sharks of Mars: Prologue. As you might have guessed, it’s set on Mars, you’ll be fighting sharks and it’s available now (on Rift), so what are you waiting for?

Sharks of Mars: Prologue comes from Glimpse, a studio headed up by two brothers with experience in VR and AR content. In fact, this isn’t their first time creating shark XR content — one of their previous mobile releases was Sharknado: Sharknmented Reality.

It seems only fitting then that the studio’s first VR title would be Sharks of Mars: Prologue, which released on the Oculus Store for Rift back in May, but releases on Steam for a wider range of PC VR headsets this week, on July 16. If the title doesn’t have you convinced already, you can check out the game’s latest trailer below, in all its heavy-metal-backing-track glory.

Glimpse says the game is an adventure/puzzle/shooter VR title, and is the ‘first installment and introduction to the series’ of Sharks of Mars. “You find yourself on Mars as a part of a forward terraforming team working for Apooglzon, one of earth’s corporate empires. As they do in stories like these, things go horribly wrong and you’ll soon find that little green men are the least of our problems on the red planet. It’s up to you to save the world, but first you must survive!”

The Steam version will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets at launch. The team says a patch with Index support will arrive as soon as possible post-launch — they’re currently working with Valve and Unity to fix a bug with Index controller performance.

Sharks of Mars: Prologue is available on the Oculus Store now and launches on Steam on July 16.

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