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Tvori Launches ShapesXR Collaborative Design Tool On Quest In November

Tvori Launches ShapesXR Collaborative Design Tool On Quest In November

Tvori is bringing collaborative design tool ShapesXR to Quest in November.

The original creation tool from Tvori released in early access on Steam all the way back in 2016 with various iterations over the years adding new features. Now ShapesXR is poised to bring Tvori’s prototyping and concepting tools to official release on the Quest store on November 11, according to its public listing. ShapesXR is listed as “coming soon” with a $9.99 per month Pro subscription mentioned as well for creating up to 50 spaces. The release follows a beta version of the app posted to App Lab for Quest earlier this year.

Here’s ShapesXR’s description from the store:

ShapesXR is a collaborative design tool to prototype AR and VR content and user experience for real-world products. It enables remote product teams with the tool for brainstorming & ideation in 3D, rapid prototyping, instant sharing and real-time co-editing. It’s a platform for live synchronization between all stakeholders, agile iterations on designs and thus accelerated product time-to-market. ShapesXR was born with the mission to democratize 3D content creation allowing product owners, business leaders, and designers to finally start thinking and creating spatially together. In ShapesXR you can pick a premade scene as a canvas for your creation or start from scratch and build the lobby of a VR fitness game. Designers can introduce and manipulate simple shapes at scale, change color and materials, research user flows and pitch scenes in motion with a simple to use staging system (everything stays in low fidelity so that people don’t hang up on details too early in the process).

We’ll be very curious to see what sorts of things people are able to do with fully released Quest version of Tvori’s tools, we and will be sure to dive in with ShapesXR soon.

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