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'Senza Peso' Is A Must-Download Available Now For Rift And Vive

'Senza Peso' Is A Must-Download Available Now For Rift And Vive

Kite & Lightning released an updated version of their 2014 demo experience Senza Peso on Steam and the Oculus Store. If you haven’t tried it, the download is free and certainly worth a viewing on either Rift and Vive.

The surreal journey down the river Styx is a fantastic sit-down demo VR experience with incredible music. The software was a go-to demo for Rift development kit owners and likely introduced a great many people to VR for the first time.

This is one of the many environments seen in Senza Peso.

Senza Peso was shown at some of the earliest big VR meetups by Kite & Lightning before the startup took on some work-for-hire projects. That gave them the cash they needed to make a year-long pilgrimage to Paris for artistic exploration. Ikrima Elhassan and Cory Strassburger, the two co-founders, returned to Los Angeles this summer funded with $2.5 million and an idea to create an expansive multiplayer VR world centered around immortal babies with bad behavior.

You can almost feel the chilly wind blowing during this very memorable environment seen in Senza Peso.

Senza Peso, though, brought the co-founders a lot of early attention in the VR industry and featured some pioneering work using a mixture of captured performances set inside an environment developed with a game engine. All set to an enveloping soundtrack, even on a DK2 headset the experience made a strong case for the power of virtual reality. The experience features no interactivity and it is a bit like the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyland, but instead of a tour of different cultures you get to see different regions of the afterlife.

We highly recommend you give the free experience a try. It’s available now on Steam or Oculus.

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