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Sariento Dev Releases Trailer For Upcoming VR Game Hellsweeper

Sariento Dev Releases Trailer For Upcoming VR Game Hellsweeper

The developers behind Sairento shared new footage of their upcoming VR game Hellsweeper, set for a Q3 2022 release.

We got a first look at the game last month with a short teaser. Now, we’ve got a meaty trailer, embedded below.

The developers went into more detail on what to expect from the game in a mini Q&A on Reddit. They said Hellsweeper is “best described as a roguelike first person combat simulator” where you play as “an undead immortal who’s on a mission to take out the scumbags of Hell.”

As you would expect from a roguelike, every game will be different with varied weapons and special powers across different dimensions. The game is both an extension of Sairento and also it’s own thing. “Hellsweeper occurs in an alternate world but it borrows a few mechanics from Sairento, especially its locomotion system. So it’s everything you loved about Sairento and a lot more.” The idea for the game came from a desire to improve upon Sairento, hence the decision to keep the locomotion system while improving other aspects.

Combat will be the “bread and butter” of Hellsweeper, and fans will be able to expect “semi realistic physics” in the game. You can choose between physical combat and magic combat, with more advanced players able to experiment with both at the same time.

Hellsweeper won’t have a campaign, mainly as the development team doesn’t think they’ve mastered storytelling in their games just yet. “Instead of trying to develop a subpar campaign, we decided to deploy our limited resources to making the game shine in terms of the gameplay and mechanics. Having said that, we would still offer a background story to give context to the universe of Hellsweeper.”

The game won’t launch into early access, but there will be a pre-alpha demo coming in August or September. The team encourages those interested to follow on their Discord server, where they will be making all big announcements.

Hellsweeper VR will release on Oculus and PC VR stores in Q3 2022. You can read more about the game over on the developer Q&A on Reddit.

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