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Samba De Amigo: Virtual Party Dances Onto Quest Tomorrow

Samba De Amigo Virtual Party key art

Samba De Amigo: Virtual Party supports mixed reality as it launches on Quest tomorrow.

Previously announced during June's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, SEGA's iconic rhythm series offers a VR adaptation of the flatscreen sequel, Party Central. While primarily a VR experience, a Quest 3 launch blog confirms that Samba De Amigo: Virtual Party includes an MR mode where the environments slowly become fully immersive.

Swapping to first-person gameplay for VR, Samba De Amigo: Virtual Party involves matching on-screen patterns and posing in line with the rhythm, shaking your controllers like maracas. Featuring over 40 songs with more coming as post-launch DLC, it promises a wider focus on worldwide genres than the original's Latin American music

Back in June, we interviewed producer Shun Nakamura to learn more about SEGA's first major venture into modern VR. Telling us he thought Samba De Amigo was "an appropriate title for VR" from the very beginning, Nakamura-san explained TikTok was "a major inspiration" on gameplay and explained why SEGA returned to this series after a long break.

Samba De Amigo arrives on October 12 on the Meta Quest platform, and you can find out more in our interview below:

Samba De Amigo Producer Calls TikTok ‘A Major Inspiration’
Samba De Amigo gets groovy in VR this fall on Quest 2. Taking “major inspiration” from TikTok, we interviewed SEGA to learn more:

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