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Sam & Max Comes To Oculus Quest In June, PC VR In 2021 And PSVR In 2022

Sam & Max Comes To Oculus Quest In June, PC VR In 2021 And PSVR In 2022

HappyGiant announced its release schedule for Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!

The title published by Big Sugar is planned for Oculus Quest release in June this year for $29.99, followed by release on Steam and Viveport Infinity later this year and PlayStation VR in early 2022.

For those unfamiliar, Sam & Max is a wacky media franchise created by Steve Purcell focusing around the titular duo of private investigators. Previous iterations of the characters spanned comic books, TV, and video games, and we got a good look at the first gameplay from the game late last year in the video below. Its been quite a few years since there was a videogame version of the title and we’re excited to see how the franchise transfers to virtual reality.

According to the developers the title “blends the banter and classic crime-solving adventure elements for which the duo is known with specialized Freelance Police training exercises, resulting in a fresh, eclectic experience that is unique to the medium.” HappyGiant’s team includes Purcell who is consulting on the game design, art, and story, as well as some veterans from LucasArts.

“HappyGiant has assembled an all-star team of LucasArts veterans, and created a game dripping with nostalgia, as well as being on the cutting edge of VR Gaming”, said Nick Alfieri, CEO of Big Sugar, in s prepared statement. “Whether you are an old school Sam & Max fan, or new to the franchise, this game has something for everyone.”

Are you looking forward to this one? Lets us know in the comments below.

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