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Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual Launches February 23 For PSVR

Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual Launches February 23 For PSVR

After a few months of waiting, we have a release date for the PSVR version of Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual.

Sam & Max: This Time’s Virtual was announced almost a year ago, with it first coming to Quest in July, then making its way over to PC VR later in 2021. The PSVR version was slated for an unconfirmed 2022 date, but now we finally have a solid date and it’s not far off either. The pair will make their PSVR debut on February 23.

The game not only marks the comedic pair’s debut on the PSVR platform, but also in VR in general. In our review, Jamie noted the series doesn’t take the transition to a new medium lightly:

What’s best about This Time It’s Virtual is that it is, inherently, a VR game. Developer Happy Giant really embraces the weirdness the series is known for and takes it to new places with the aid of the platform. Tasks include exorcising peckish demons ravaging a local minimart by throwing shaken coke cans, waging war with microscopic creatures with ray guns and choreographing a Seaworld-style performance routine with what looks like a Pokemon evolution gone wrong.

That being said, Jamie also said that some of these objectives and actions ended up feeling a little vapid in their implementation. Overall, he found the game had “a lot of great ideas executed to varying degrees of success, and its fair share of misfires too.” You can read his full review, conducted using the Quest version of the game, here.

Will you be picking up Sam & Max for PSVR on February 23? Let us know in the comments.

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