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Sairento PSVR Update Includes 10 New Maps, 5 New Weapons

Sairento PSVR Update Includes 10 New Maps, 5 New Weapons

The PSVR version of Sairento received a long-awaited update this week, which adds new maps and weapons first seen on other platforms last year.

Sairento first launched for PC VR back in 2018. Since then, it’s received a number of updates, alongside Quest and PSVR ports as well. However, the PSVR version started to lag behind with updates, missing some new content that came to other platform last year.

Despite the long delay, developers Mixed Realms confirmed that the bumper update is now finally available for PSVR, adding 10 new maps and 5 new weapons.

“It took us much longer than expected as we have been working from home since March last year and communications was a b*tch. Also, PSVR is a little trickier to optimize for and the approval process takes longer than other platforms,” said developers  Mixed Realms in a blog post. “But a promise is a promise. We wanted to make sure that our PSVR fans get all the goodies our fans on other platforms get.”

The new maps now available on PSVR are Cave, Depot, Marine Outpost, Research Lab, Roof Top, Sanctuary, Slum, Suburb, Subway and Training Hall. The new weapons are Apocalypse, Disintegrator, Figment, IRM3000 and Nobunaga.

There’s also a few bugs that have been fixed, along with improvements and optimizations made to lightmaps, textures and memory management.

Mixed Realms noted that this will be the last update for the game on PSVR. The studio also has two other projects in the works as well — a PC deckbuilding RPG called Gordian Quest and a 2nd unannounced VR game.

You can read more in the PSVR update post from Mixed Realms.

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