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Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 Patched To Address Major Bugs

Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 Patched To Address Major Bugs

Skydance Interactive released a major patch for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution on the Quest platform today which the studio says should resolve many prominent issues.

UploadVR didn’t receive access to the highly anticipated sequel before its launch on December 1 and, in the days since, our reviewer has been playing the game and encountering a number of persistent bugs, including game crashes resulting in lost progress. We weren’t the only ones to encounter major issues as we noted similar reports from others. In the patch notes, which seem to suggest many of the issues encountered by our reviewer have been addressed, Skydance thanked players for their “patience and feedback”.

“Making games, especially ambitious VR games, can lead to unforeseen challenges,” wrote Dan Prigg, Head of Studio at Skydance Interactive, in a prepared statement sent to UploadVR. “We knew we really wanted – at least part of our player base – to be able to play the game over the holidays. Since the release of the game in early December, we have taken their feedback to heart and have been working tirelessly on improving the game AND polishing the PC and PSVR releases planned for next year. We are here in VR to stay and to bring the medium forward. We appreciate every ounce of support and patience that our players have shown us over the years.”

We need to assess how the latest update affects the game before we publish our review in the coming days. “Barring any bad surprises”, Skydance noted in the patch notes, its next update will be in 2023.

The title is scheduled for release for PC VR headsets in February 2023 and March 20th, 2023 for PSVR 2.

We’re pasting the full patch notes as provided by Skydance below:

Hello Tourists! Thanks for all your patience and feedback. It’s truly fuel in our figurative gastank chainsaw. We took our time because this is truly a monster patch. We wanted to adjust and test the game as much as we could heading into the holiday season.TLDR: We have massively improved the game. This improvement spans game stability (fewer crashes), game functionality (glitches, malfunctions, unintended situations) and visual fidelity (Texture clarity, lighting, etc) as well as corrected many issues you have brought to our attention.Physics, audio, game mechanics, no part of the game was spared!

PS.We have done our best at improving the game as much as we could. Barring any bad surprises our next update will be in the new year. Please keep the feedback coming on ourDISCORDand if you like our changes, the best way to let us know is with a positive review on the META store from you and all your Tourist friends!

VISUAL Improvements

  • Invisible walkers are now visible
  • Replaced low texture props with higher texture props: signs, bus channel list, Exile envelope
  • Addressed numerous popping and flickering visual issues
  • Adjusted the fog density in Bourbon Street
  • Added blood to the environment which was missing after key scenes
  • Corrected night mode visuals (This is now significantly darker / scarier). This was the original design that was supposed to ship at launch. This may make night mode a bit more challenging. Prepare accordingly.
  • Several visible seams in environments removed
  • Semi-invisible grenades are now fixed
  • Sap Gloves no longer have player’s thumb clip through geometry
  • Resting Place mattress now has the correct collision
  • Improved finale visual fidelity
  • Terrain textures have been improved
  • Improved set-dressing visuals across several maps
  • Corrected multiple floating assets
  • UV graffiti no longer floating
  • Added effects to opening scene
  • Added missing knobs to doors
  • Adjusted some doors to fit the door frame
  • Replaced mismatched doors
  • Blood decals on armored enemies removed
  • Added collision to areas players were getting stuck
  • Fixed visual clipping between props
  • Fixed ragdoll of specific enemy types

    AUDIO Improvements

    • Added missing music to various scenes
    • Silencer is more effective at quieting weapons
    • Added SFX when bullets impact armor
    • Added ambience SFX to various areas
    • Added missing SFX to various prop interactions
    • Improved audio quality on specific event scenes
    • Improved spatial audio
    • Changed Boot Sequence music
    • Improved footstep SFX
    • Smoother SFX transitions as a player moves between indoor and outdoor areas

    Chainsaw/Severing Improvements

    • Chainsaw fuel level now persists between travel locations
    • Chainsaw weight is consistent between travel locations
    • Humans now die when chainsaw-ed below the waist

      Human Character Improvements

      • Polished human character interactions, dialogue, and animations
      • Improved instances of “barks”
      • Corrected missing lip sync and subtitles
      • Made it so human characters do not clip through objects
      • Corrected some of the Pawn King’s dialog
      • Tower human characters can no longer shoot through cover & barricades
      • Interrupting human characters in mid-conversation no longer breaks further interactions
      • Rewards given for completing optional missions
      • “Continuing” after death during “Off on the Wrong Foot” mission will no longer cause an awkward encounter with a human character
      • “Off on the Wrong Foot” walkers are able to enter room as intended

          Interaction Improvements

          • Heavy Plating and Undersleeve Plating buffs are now shown in journal under vitals
          • Pulling grenade pin with mouth now works
          • Pulling the grenade trigger consistently releases the lever
          • Flares stored in Resting Place stash does not light them
          • Improved the weapon racks in the Resting Place
          • Resting Place area cleaned of some non-interactable items
          • Corrected Grenade Launcher reload highlight
          • Polished the Resting Place, i.e. placed items should stay in place
          • Polished tutorial tooltips
          • Corrected the orientation of some skiffs and floating maps
          • Critical climbable areas are now well marked with white paint
          • Improved player traversal around the radio station
          • Grabbing the semi-automatic handgun (FS92M) with silencer repeatedly no longer makes the weapon shrink
          • Recipes in journal have corrected names

                Game Balancing

                • Loot spawn balancing pass
                • Reduced the loot spawn of the first mission
                • Night mode loot spawns on all maps at night
                • Sap gloves no longer disappear after travel or death
                • Corrected issues with the laser sight and storage
                • Corrected the duplication of items being spawned when returning to locations
                • Starting a New Game Tutorial will no longer transfer over the previous profile’s inventory
                • Tower Presence more active
                • Daily difficulty progression was audited and corrected
                • Decreased instances where walkers were unable to reach player
                • Added more enemies during specific encounters
                • Improved walker traversal around hotel

                General Improvements

                • Post-game skiff map available
                • “Findable” recipes are now actually findable
                • Missing street names in journal map now populated
                • Microphone returned to Resting Place radio
                • Added missing Angel Statues
                • Statue placed in Bastion (night)
                • Missing safe codes can now be found, happy hunting!

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