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SafeZoneVR Is An Upcoming Free Survival Horror Game For Quest And PC VR

SafeZoneVR Is An Upcoming Free Survival Horror Game For Quest And PC VR

SafeZoneVR is an upcoming VR survival horror game coming to most major VR platforms. Even better, it’s going to be entirely free.

The game is the work of a single student developer, Will Codes, who has been working on the title over the last two years. SafeZone VR will release on entirely for free, with PC VR and Oculus Quest support listed on the game’s page.

The game is set in a ‘SafeZone’ that has fallen and is now deserted. You will have to “escape, scavenge, survive, all while battling your own psychological warfare as the darkness floods over you.”

It’s a classic research-experiment-gone-wrong premise for the story, with a narrator discussing how the study’s participants, four couples, were given pistols to fight some kind of creature. The shots only angered the creature, and the participants all went missing after the study was over.

You can watch some raw, unedited gameplay here, but it looks to be pretty standard for VR horror. You’ll be walking around with a torch, lighting up dark areas and looking for clues as to what has happened.

While the setting and ambience of the game does seem a bit spooky, we’re interested in seeing what actual horror elements are implemented. No doubt the aforementioned creature from the experiment will be used as a horror device, but how else will tension and spooks be built up throughout the game?

SafeZoneVR is coming soon to PC VR and Oculus Quest and will be available for free on

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