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Rift Update Straightens Carpet, Improves Multi-Sensor Setups

Rift Update Straightens Carpet, Improves Multi-Sensor Setups

Rift leader Nate Mitchell confirmed an update is rolling out to owners of the Facebook VR headset that smooths out the carpet on the floor seen in Oculus Home while also improving the way larger tracking setups work.

“A big focus this month on making sure 3+ sensor setups are working optimally,” Mitchell wrote on Twitter.

The rumpled carpet seen on the floor of Oculus Home (where Rift owners select apps to visit) has been a minor annoyance to some who would prefer a tidier living room. More important, however, are potential fixes to tracking problems some users have reported with their headsets since the release of Oculus Touch controllers in December. The controllers come with an additional Sensor and more can be purchased to cover larger areas, bringing the functionality of the system closer to that of the room-scale HTC Vive headset.

Facebook’s VR team recently released a 4-part series outlining accessories and tips for getting the most out of the system. The software update was expected in January but got delayed a few days for testing.

Here are the full release notes for version 1. 11:

  • You can now choose to skip updating the firmware on your controllers when repeating Oculus setup.
  • Improved visibility of Guardian System boundaries with better hand animations.
  • Improved instructions for Oculus sensor positioning during setup.
  • Improved experimental roomscale and experimental 360º support.
    • Fixed calibration issues for multi-sensor configurations and Guardian System setup.
    • Fixed tracking issues with Touch controllers that resulted in tracking judder or loss of hand location or hand orientation in VR.
    • Fixed sensor issue which prevented Touch controllers from being detected.
    • Fixed stability issues with floor height in VR.
  • Improved Guardian System.
    • Fixed stability issue with Guardian System boundaries moving when the Rift headset wasn’t in use.
    • Fixed tracking issue where Touch controllers weren’t detected by Guardian System.
    • Fixed reliability issue with Guardian System boundaries triggering too soon.
  • Improved Oculus Rift and Touch setup.
    • Fixed visibility issues with VR screen for adjusting Rift headset lens position.
  • Fixed search issue with Oculus Store and Oculus Library in the Oculus software.

If you have a Rift it is time to start looking for that software update. If you’ve had problems with a three (or more) sensor setup, let us know in the comments below whether the update helped.



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