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Every Oculus Store Game/App With Cross-Buy Between Rift and Oculus Quest

Every Oculus Store Game/App With Cross-Buy Between Rift and Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset with room-scale positional tracking and Oculus Touch controllers.

Quest is primarily intended for people who don’t already own a gaming PC. But if you do own a PC and a Rift already, you might be wondering if you’ll have to purchase games, experiences, and apps you already own for Rift.

Or if Quest is your first Oculus headset, you might want to know whether you’d need to re-purchase games if you decide to get a Rift S to enter PC VR in the future.

The answer is that the Oculus Store system supports cross-buy, but it’s up to each developer. Here are all the titles we know of with confirmed cross-buy:

Angry Birds VR

Resolution Games
angry birds vr thumbnail

Angry Birds VR brings the famous mobile game franchise into room scale virtual reality. The spatial nature of VR really really does add to the gameplay.

Apex Construct

Fast Travel Games
apex construct thumbnail

Apex Construct [8/10 on Rift] is a single-player story-driven action adventure game featuring bow and arrow combat. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future where robots have taken over, and lasts around five hours.

Apollo 11

Immersive VR Education
apollo 11

Apollo 11 takes you on the entire historic journey from the Saturn V launch at Kennedy Space Center to the Eagle landing on the Sea of Tranquility. This is the story of when mankind first set foot on another world.


Baobab Studios

Bonfire is a VR short film from the makers of Invasion!, Asteroids!, and Crow: The Legend. It stars Ali Wong. The story is that you’ve crash landed on a planet while trying to find a new home for humans.



BoxVR is a rhythm based boxing game specifically designed for working out.

The Climb

the climb thumbnail

The Climb [8/10 on Rift] is a game where you start at the bottom of a mountain and your goal is to climb, with your hands, to the top. Like most Crytek games the graphics are beautiful on Rift, but we haven’t yet seen what it looks like on Quest.

Creed: Rise To Glory


Creed: Rise To Glory puts you in the shoes of Adonis Creed and has you fighting a gallery of foes back-to-back that get increasingly more difficult as time goes on.

Dance Central VR

dance central thumbnail

Dance Central was one of the most popular Xbox 360 Kinect titles, and now the series is coming to VR. It features 32 songs including hits like What is Love, Turn Down for What, and Don’t Let Me Down.

Dead and Buried 2

Oculus Studios

The original Dead and Buried [8.5/10 on Rift] was unlike most VR shooters in that it didn’t use thumbstick movement. Instead, it was a cover-based experience where the challenge is in breaking cover enough to kill enemies but not so much you get shot. It also had a cooperative zombie horde mode.

Ths sequel features the original modes, but now also includes a full smooth locomotion deathmatch mode that’s reminiscent of Quake.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike

Pixel Toys

drop dead dual strike

Dual Strike is a total overhaul of the co-op zombie shooter Rift game Drop Dead [7.5/10]. It adds dual wieling as well as a range of melee weapons such as scythes, axes, and pitchforks. It has multiple co-op environments as well as a campaign.



Electronauts is a daft punk style VR DJ game we described as a “neon-drenched cathedral of electronic ecstasy.”

Eleven: Table Tennis VR

Fun Labs

eleven table tennis thumbnail

Eleven delivers mastery of virtual table tennis, a sport so ideally suited for VR that headset companies often use it as an example of what the technology can do when giving interviews to news outlets.

The Exorcist: Legion VR

Wolf & Wood

Based on the famous film, The Exorcist: Legion VR [9/10] is a terrifying game which has you investigate demonic entities and conduct exorcisms on them.

Fruit Ninja VR

Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja [8/10] brings the hit smartphone game to VR. Like in the smartphone game you slice incoming fruit with a variety of blades to score points.

Fujii (June Launch)

Funktronic Labs


Fujii allows you to explore gardens and interact with wildlife. Help plants grow by watering them and playing music.

I Expect You To Die

Schell Games
i expect you to die thumbnail

I Expect You To Die [7.5/10 on Rift] is a hilarious puzzle game where you take on the role of a classic spy. In each level your task is to escape from impending death by dodging lasers, defusing bombs, and escaping the cargo bay of a plane.

Journey of the Gods

Turtle Rock Studios
journey of the gods thumbnail

Journey of the Gods is an old school action-adventure RPG from the developer behind Left 4 Dead with inspirations from The Legend of Zelda. You solve puzzles and fight monsters using a mix of sword & shield and crossbow combat. You have an owl as a companion which travels with you.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Steel Crate Games

keep talking and nobody explodes

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is a a local cooperative game in which the player in VR sits in front of an active bomb. The instructions to defuse it are on a website, which other people in the same room as you can read. With their instructions, you must defuse the bomb in time. It’s the perfect game for a house party.

Ocean Rift

Llyr ap Cenydd
ocean rift

Ocean Rift is an underwater acquarium experience letting you get up close with dolphins, sharks, turtles, orcas, sea snakes, rays, whales, manatees, sea lions, and even dinosaurs.

OrbusVR: Reborn

Orbus Online
orbus vr thumbnail

OrbusVR is the first true VR MMORPG. It feels like a classic MMO brought into VR, complete with all the core mechanics you’d expect like classes, skills, mobs, and quests. Positional voice chat allows for natural communication with other players.

Racket: Nx

One Hamsa
racket nx thumbnail

Racket: Nx is a competitive racket sport where you hit an energy ball at a wall for points. It takes some real skill to nail down timing and angle for hitting the ball in just the right direction. It is described as “racquetball meets breakout.”

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Pixel Edge Games

Racket Fury is a sci-fi take on the table tennis genre with a story, varied AI opponents, and multiplayer.

Robo Recall

Epic Games (Rift) / Drifter Entertainment (Quest)
robo recall thumbnail

Robo Recall [7.5/10 on Rift] was the Rift’s flagship game for 2017. Developed by Epic Games and funded by Oculus with an estimated budget of up to $10 million, this arcade shooter has some of the best gunplay mechanics seen in VR to date.


The Binary Mill
RUSH thumbnail

RUSH is an exhilarating yet accessible game where you fly off the side of a mountain in a wingsuit. You soar points by flying through hoops. It even supports multiplayer, so you can challenge friends online.

Shadow Point

shadow point thunbnail

Shadow Point is a story-driven action adventure narrated by veteran actor Sir Patrick Stewart. It centers around the mystery of a missing girl who vanished from a fantasy observatory.

Space Pirate Trainer

space pirate trainer thumbnail

Space Pirate Trainer [7.5/10] is an 80’s arcade game brought to life in VR. You have laser blasters and shield with a variety of firemodes and must take on a horde of flying robots. The game is simple to learn, but hard to master. We expect this to be one of Quest’s most popular party games.

Swords of Gargantua


Swords of Gargantua is a co-op action game set in a world dominated by a race of giants called the Gargantua.

Tilt Brush

tilt brush landscape

Google’s Tilt Brush pioneered the idea of true spatial art with 6DoF tracked controllers in room scale VR. The app gives you a selection of brush types and tools to paint in 3D space.



Thumper [9/10 on PSVR] is a one-of-a-kind game with a heavy focus on visual experience. You progress along a seemingly endless track and must press buttons that loosely coincide with the beat and thump of the music to surpass obstacles.


Bit Planet Games
ultrawings thumbnail

Ultrawings [6/10 on Rift] is a unique casual flight simulator where you use your Touch controllers as hands to directly interact with the cockpit controls of a light aircraft. It features a variety of missions all set over its cartoon open world island.

The Wizards

Carbon Studio
the wizards

The Wizards is a VR spellcasting game with a five hour campaign and a replayable arena mode.

Virtual Virtual Reality

Tender Claws
virtual virtual reality

Virtual Virtual Reality [Essential] is a laugh-out-loud funny surrealist experience with clever game design reminiscent of titles like Portal.

VR Karts: Sprint

Viewpoint Games

VR Karts: Sprint is an arcade cart racing game with gameplay similar to Mario Kart and online multiplayer.

Games/Apps Not Supporting Cross-Buy

Some developers have chosen not to support cross-buy. For these titles, you will need to buy the Quest version separately to the Rift version- two purchases in total if you want to play it on both headsets.

Here are a list of those games (known so far):

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