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Rift Exclusive Strategy Game Brass Tactics Coming Soon

Rift Exclusive Strategy Game Brass Tactics Coming Soon

Real-time strategy VR game Brass Tactics is coming exclusively to the Rift on Oct. 19.

We first tried the strategy title at GDC and found it to be an enticing multiplayer strategy game offering a giant tabletop upon which to build and command troops in either co-op mode or head-to-head with another player. The creator made Age of Empires II, so it has a similar feel to it, though Brass Tactics takes its name from the clockwork look of the environment.

Hidden Path Entertainment previously adapted its tower defense game Defense Grid 2 into a great VR title. The company also built dioarama-based Witchblood for Rift and Gear VR. With Brass Tactics being Hidden Path’s third VR title, we have high expectations for this latest game built from the ground up for VR interactions. You can pull yourself across the battlefield quickly to survey skirmishes, grab structures and place them where you want and direct troops with hand gestures.

We’re looking forward to spending some significant time with the game in the coming weeks. It is available for pre-order now at around $25, a discount of 15% ahead of release.

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