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Review: Official Oculus Go Case Is The Way To Travel With VR

Review: Official Oculus Go Case Is The Way To Travel With VR

In the months since I purchased Oculus Go I lost the controller and found myself repeatedly unable to enjoy the headset because it was out of power. The official Oculus Go hard-shell carrying case should help with both these problems, in addition to its main job of protecting the device itself.

The official Oculus Go case sells for $35 on Amazon or the Oculus website and provides the perfect amount of storage space for the Go headset, controller, micro USB cord, headphones and even an extra battery pack or your phone. The case comes with a soft interior surface the same color gray as the headset itself. Its main compartment is sized exactly for Oculus Go, though there’s also enough room to to plug in a power cord while it’s still inside the case. The only note I’d make here is that you might have to find a micro-USB cord with a plug that’s not too deep or rigid to fit in between the Go and the hard case.

The compartment at front appears small in photos — and even in real life too — because it is actually designed so that the flap can flip upward if you store a couple things in it. I first tried to fit my battery pack and controller into the compartment and closed the flap over it only to be disappointed that it wouldn’t fit. Then I realized that when the flap flips upward any stuff in that compartment is kept in its place because it is backed up against the rigid front of the headset itself. So it fits fine with the flap upward. There’s even a little notch in the flap to run a power cord around to the headset. There’s also an adjustable divider in the front compartment.

Recommendation: There are plenty of carrying cases available for VR headsets costing as little as $15 or $20, but you’re unlikely to find another one that fits Oculus Go as snugly as this one does.  You might pay a little extra for it at $35, but the hard shell and perfectly-sized storage compartments mean this case is neither too big nor too small while providing plenty of protection.

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