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HP Reverb G2 Is $200 Off At Walmart

HP Reverb G2 Is $200 Off At Walmart

We don’t know how long it will last but the HP Reverb G2 is $200 off on right now.

You can find the discounted headset here with it priced at $399 at the time of this writing. The system typically sells for $599, so that’s a $200 discount for an “incredible display, razor-sharp audio and cozy design” as we wrote in our review late last year. The tracked controllers aren’t great, but the visuals (which include physical lens distance adjustment) combined with the super high quality off-ear Valve audio solution delivers a really solid experience that’s also far easier to set up than solutions like Valve Index. Reverb G2 runs on Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform which, in turn, connects to most SteamVR games just fine.

You’ll likely want a high-end GPU in your PC to drive the 2160 x 2160 display and, given its high resolution and easy setup, the Reverb G2 might be the perfect fit for simulation game enthusiasts out there. You can check out Jamie Feltham’s full thoughts on the headset in his video review embedded below:

We first noted the deal posted to the r/Vive subreddit.

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