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Watch: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Oculus Quest Mod Available Now On SideQuest

Watch: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Oculus Quest Mod Available Now On SideQuest

A mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein runs smoothly on Oculus Quest in standalone VR mode and is now available to download.

The free mod includes a fully playable demo but you can upgrade to the full game which is available on Steam for $5 as of this writing. There’s two-handed weapon support and smooth locomotion with snap turning turned on by default. There’s also a teleport option as well alongside other options. The mod is brought to you by prolific modder Simon Brown (aka DrBeef) working with BaggyG and VR_Bummser to make the transition to VR go as smoothly as possible for the well-loved first-person shooter which originally released in 2001.

Here’s some exclusive gameplay of the game running on Oculus Quest:

The mod is available now on Sidequest and you can find instructions for how to install it, as well as the VR controls you’ll use, on the page. You can also find more information on the Discord for the modding group.

Originally released less than 20 years ago using the Id Tech 3 engine, Return To Castle Wolfenstein may represent one of the newest PC games that’s likely to get a successful port to the original Oculus Quest and its fairly limited mobile processor. DrBeef previously brought the original 1993 Doom game to Quest as well as the original Half-Life game from 1998, among others.

Facebook, of course, is working on a new Quest that’s likely to have more powerful specifications than the current headset. We’ll be curious to see, then, if future standalone headsets pique DrBeef’s curiosity and might enable to porting of newer and more robust PC VR games to standalone wireless VR.

Article originally published on August 18 and updated August 20 to note the mod’s availability on SideQuest. 

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