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Respawn Is 'Going To Try' To Bring Medal Of Honor VR To Quest 2 After PC (Update)

Respawn Is 'Going To Try' To Bring Medal Of Honor VR To Quest 2 After PC (Update)

Update: After publication we received a response from Mike Doran, Oculus Studios producer, on the subject:

“We absolutely want to bring the game to Quest, but we won’t compromise the PC version to make that happen. Once the PC content is final, we will assess what it would take to get Above and Beyond on Quest, and with that exercise complete we’ll be able to make a decision. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is an extremely large, complicated game. Such a port would not be trivial and we won’t do it if we don’t think we can deliver on quality.”

Original: It looks like the Oculus Studios-funded Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond from Respawn Entertainment and EA has a chance of getting an Oculus Quest port after all — although it might only be for Quest 2.

On Reddit today, Oculus Studios producer Mike Doran replied to a comment asking about whether or not the PC VR-exclusive first-person shooter, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, ever had a chance of coming to “Quest 2 natively.” Doran said that they are “going to try, once the PC SKU is finished,” and that Respawn/EA are “fully involved and onboard with this ambition.” He then added they “don’t know yet” how long that would possibly take.

This is pretty big news. Every bit of information we’ve heard about Medal of Honor seemed to indicate that it would remain a PC VR exclusive game given the scope of the project. I got a chance to go hands-on with it briefly over a year ago on Oculus Rift S and came away impressed with the direction the campaign is taking and am eager to see how multiplayer shapes up.

As exciting as this news is, it isn’t entirely surprising. Back when Medal of Honor VR was first revealed I asked Game Director Peter Hirschmann from Respawn about a Quest version and he didn’t deny it. Instead, he told me the company was “focusing on Rift” but then added that they “love the Quest” as well.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for further comment and will update this story if we hear back.

Stay tuned at UploadVR for lots more Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond coverage as we lead up to its launch next month.

Update: After publication we heard back from Mike Doran with a statement on the subject. We’ve updated the story to include that statement at the beginning.

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