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Angry Birds VR Gets New Free Level Pack On All Platforms

Angry Birds VR Gets New Free Level Pack On All Platforms

Resolution Games released a new level pack for Angry Birds VR: Isle Of Pigs that brings the total number of official levels in the game to 104.

The update adds Terror Peak — the fourth world in the game’s Spooky Levels collection with players trying to defeat Dr. Frankenswine. The game also offers a level building and sharing tool so you can make and play creations from others even if you finish off all the official levels.

Angry Birds VR Spooky

The update is free across all major platforms “for those that already own the game and have earned their stars in the previous worlds and levels,” according to the studio. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is $14.99 in the Oculus Quest StoreOculus Rift Store, PlayStation Store, Steam and Viveport.

Angry Birds VR, of course, adapts the now-classic gameplay of destroying pig-occupied structures with a slingshot and a variety of birds at your disposal. The VR version of the game does a great job of bringing that same joyful sense of destruction to VR — allowing you to be selective with your angles — and its expanding level set serves to make the title a more appealing purchase.

Resolution Games is the developer behind a growing collection of accessible VR titles including Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, Blast-On, and Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. The studio also released an augmented reality version of Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs. Resolution is also moving into a publisher role as well, helping to bring Carly and The Reaperman to Oculus Quest after launching several games on the platform.

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