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Capcom Japan Announce Another Resident Evil 7 Free-Roam VR Attraction

Capcom Japan Announce Another Resident Evil 7 Free-Roam VR Attraction

Capcom announced a new walkthrough, free-roam VR attraction set in the world of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, titled Biohazard: Walkthrough the Fear.

Although the announcement was made in Japanese on Capcom’s Japan site, we’ve been able to glean a few basic details through translation services.

The whole experience is available exclusively in Tokyo, Japan, at the Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro Store. The attraction is an original experience in the Resident Evil world, set in Louisiana. From a rough translation, it seems that players have been kidnapped by Jack Baker and trapped in the basement of his mansion. The experience will see you fight your way out of the mansion, presumably with lot of zombie-shooting action.

It will cost 2800 Yen (roughly $25), with sessions lasting 40 minutes and requiring 4 people. You can book with 3 or less people, but the site does warn that you may be placed with other strangers who booked the same session, to make up the 4 people required. Sessions start from October 26, with reservations open online now.

This is actually the second Resident Evil arcade VR experience announced recently – Biohazard Valiant Raid was opened at the same location in Tokyo back in July. Valiant Raid is still also available for reservations and, as far as we can tell from a rough translation of the booking site, will remain available in conjunction with Walkthrough the Fear.

Sadly, there’s been no word at all on either experience opening up in any countries outside of Japan.

Have you tried Valiant Raid or will you be checking out Walkthrough the Fear when it opens? Let us know in the comments below.

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