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Play The Final 'Resident Evil 7' Demo Update On PS VR

Play The Final 'Resident Evil 7' Demo Update On PS VR

Resident Evil 7, coming to PS4 and PS VR on January 24th, is a significant departure from the previous games. The initial 3 games operated with a static camera with 4-6 adopting a behind-the-back, 3rd person view in a more action intense style. 7 is slowing things down a bit with a first-person view and seemingly is bringing the series back to its roots in a downtrodden and mysterious collection of dwellings. Announced at the Sony PlayStation Experience, players will be able to play the final update for the demo before the game’s upcoming release.

All of the teasers for Resident Evil 7 up to this point have shown a slow-burn experience that involves avoiding some sort of monstrous family members while gathering typical RE tools and weapons, although the guns look to be incredibly scarce. There haven’t been any traditional RE zombies noted in the trailers, but the family you’re avoiding can take a great deal of damage before going down. Also, the lead character doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as adept at combat as the series’ previous protagonists like Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine so that should add to thrill. The first person perspective is the most evident significant change to the franchise at this point and thankfully Capcom is bringing it to PlayStation VR. With such a slower paced gameplay style as you creep around the house gathering supplies and avoiding enemies, VR is the perfect way to immerse players into the nightmare.

There are no specific details on the final demo update at this time and it’s likely they won’t be sharing all of the secrets. The demo up until now has been a cool taste of the game with more and more things to discover within. It serves as a prequel to the full game, giving a glimpse into the events that lead up to the main plot. No doubt many have compared it to the PT demo that served as the prequel to the canceled Silent Hill game and hopefully it will be able to fill that void in the horror genre. Be sure to grab the final demo tonight on PSN and stay tuned for more PlayStation Experience updates from the UploadVR team.

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