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The ResearchVR Podcast Is Now on UploadVR

The ResearchVR Podcast Is Now on UploadVR

Ever wondered how Virtual Reality tricks your brain into believing things? Why you lose your sense of time and presence when you’re in an intense shooting game? Why VR sometimes bleeds into your dreams? Or maybe why VR sickness happens and how to design around it? Tune into the ResearchVR Podcast to hear about the Science of Virtual Reality.

What is ResearchVR podcast?

We are a group of three cognitive scientists, Az Balabanian, Petr Legkov, and Krzysztof Izdebski who dig deep into Virtual Reality topics to answer three key questions of good VR content:

  • How does a concept work in Virtual Reality?
  • Why does a concept work in Virtual Reality?
  • Why does the concept matter?

By looking from both scientific and economics perspectives, through panel discussion with field experts, we evaluate the use cases, features, and technologies in the area of Virtual Reality.

Listen to some some of our best episodes to catch up:

    1. 022 – Are CAVEs the future or a dead end?
    2. 007 – The Glass ceiling in VR ecosystems: EU vs. US
    3. 005 – Motion Sickness in VR: Adverse Health Problems in VR part I
    4. 015 – Behavioural analysis in VR with Retinad
    5. 017 – The Shift from Informational to Experiential Age

A ballad of 3 Musketeers

Let me give you a little backstory about ResearchVR team – it will help you understand our philosophy and directions.

We have met over the most unexpected channel – Twitter. Somehow Az and Petr got into talking. Quickly Twitter messenger was not enough, so we decided to Skype. We planned to introduce each other and exchange some ideas. After a few hours of deep discussion about UX of VR, we decided it would be a great idea to record it.

We thought about doing a purely scientific podcast, where we would prepare material ourselves, and explain to our listeners from a neuroscience and cognitive science perspective big VR topics, such as motion sickness, presence, or other topics, like time dilation. This approach was interrupted by personal life changes – Az had gotten a job at UploadVR, and Kris and Petr were promoted at Virtual Spice.

First time we met in person. September 2016
First time we met in person. September 2016

Eventually, to quote Reverent Kyle, we found our voice. Using our cognitive science background, and experience gathered in our day jobs, we make a panel discussion with various guests developing exciting use cases, tools, and content. They provide us with expert knowledge in the filed, while we are challenging them with difficult questions from multiple perspectives, such as VR UX Design, Technological Risks, or Technology Acceptance.

More than just a hobby – ResearchVR and UploadVR

What started as hobby – each of us dreamed about producing something like ResearchVR – is now something we hope becomes an important part of the modern VR ecosystem. We’ve been asked by UploadVR to join their network and work with them on providing deeper analysis of VR topics.

Team & Contact

If you’d like to be guest on one of our episodes, you have special requests for an episode, or you’d like us to give a talk on your meetup or conference, do not hesitate to contact us:


  • email:
  • twitter: @ResearchVRcast,
  • Facebook: /ResearchVR

Azad Balabanian


Design UXer by education, Mixed Reality Production Wizard by trade at UploadVR

  • email:
  • twitter: @AzadUX
  • Facebook: /azadbal

Petr Legkov


Hardware Specialist by education, VR Evangelist by trade at Virtual Spice

  • email:
  • twitter: @razialo
  • Facebook: /razialo

Krzysztof “RodionVR” Izdebski


UX Researcher by education, VR UX Researcher by trade at Virtual Spice

  • email:
  • twitter: @rodionvr
  • Facebook: /krzysztof.izdebski

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