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ResearchVR Episode 36 - Emotions in VR and AR With Tom Emrich From Super Ventures

ResearchVR Episode 36 - Emotions in VR and AR With Tom Emrich From Super Ventures

With this episode of ResearchVR we dig deep into how emotions can be measured and incorporated in VR, AR, and other digital technologies. We discuss it with our guest who is well versed in digital consumer technologies, Tom Emrich from Super Ventures.

Emrich is a funding partner at Super Ventures, working to bring AR to reality through investment and community building. In Super Ventures he is focusing on augmenting all of our senses – not only vision.

Episode Preview

Virtual and Augmented Reality opens up the door to many new possibilities. Considering how far we are with different tracking technologies – optical sensors, speech analysis, wearables and more, the question is: what are the new horizons for interaction with digital technologies? In this episode, we discuss with Emrich the potential of integrating emotions into how we experience and use technologies like VR, AR and more.

At the moment, the most popular approaches to recognize emotions are:

  • optic sensors
  • speech analysis
  • wearables

To achieve high accuracy results two parts need to be combined: sensors, used for data collection, and a platform, used for deep learning. Both of them indicate that high amount of data needs to be fed into machine learning algorithms. Even though wearables are slowly flowing into the market, users still need to be educated as to how and why they could measure their emotions.

All in all, the real question is: are we ready to show our true emotions?

Learn more in Episode 36 – Emotions in VR, AR and more with Tom Emrich from Super Ventures. You can also subscribe this podcast via your favorite app via the subscription button below.

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