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Diving Into Light Fields - Research VR Podcast 39

Diving Into Light Fields - Research VR Podcast 39

On this week’s episode, Ryan Damm sits down with Az Balabanianfor deep dive into a term people use but most don’t truly understand, Lightfield! We cover everything from Lightfield Displays and Cameras, and discuss advantages it brings to the table. This topic’s pretty heavy, so have a notepad around to take notes!

Episode Preview

To no surprise, we take a lot of features of our real world for granted. One of them is light fields – how visual information is delivered to our eyes. To put it in a little more detailed way: if we can capture and describe every single light ray across an extended surface, that means that for anyone that is walking inside that surface we can direct the light rays into their pupil.

Light fields, in their full complexity, are the promise of photorealistic experiences combined with position tracking. We are looking forward to seeing these amazing experiences soon.

Learn more in Episode 39 – A window, not a poster – Lightfields with Ryan Damm from Visby.

Understanding Lightfield Displays

For more coverage on the development of Lightfield technology, watch the in-depth story of Avegant’s prototype Mixed Reality lightfield display.

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